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LinkedIn PPC Pet Peeves (Part I)

I know that LinkedIn can be a frustrating platform, but here are two things they should be able to quickly fix: Constant Logging In Every 10 minutes or so I have to log in again. Even if I’ve been actively doing something. Even when I’m in the middle of something. Please stop making me do […]

LinkedIn Ad Management

The LinkedIn ad management interface is hard to use. There, I said it. Out loud, in a blog post. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you a few tips on managing your ads. Tips for Managing LinkedIn Ads During the campaign creation process you wrote at least one ad, […]

Another Nice Interface Change

The LinkedIn advertising interface has been undergoing some serious changes in the last couple months, but I noticed another new addition today. For each ad, the little slider indicating whether the ad is active or not, the slider is green for active ads. Behold: This makes it very easy to quickly assess which ads are […]

Personalized LinkedIn Ads?

A couple weeks ago I noticed a tweet from Bethany Bey asking “Anyone know how Google did this on LinkedIn?” She included a screenshot of the ad: My first reaction was “Cool!” but let’s break down exactly what we have here: Grabbed her LinkedIn profile pic (you can see it is different from her Twitter […]

Farmers with LinkedIn Profiles

Target By Industry (Company Category)

LinkedIn has been adding various targeting types and targeting by industry is one of my favorites. When creating your ad you can select your targeting options and get an estimate of how many LinkedIn users will be targeted by your ad. Say you picked Farming. This is what you’d get: As you can see, there […]

LinkedIn Targeting Suggestion

I’ve been researching the targeting available in LinkedIn and I have also been auditing the LinkedIn efforts of a multimillion dollar company. There were a couple trends that started standing out to me: LinkedIn Profiles Are Not Created Equal Junk Profiles – I know that LinkedIn is bragging about their 200 million users, but there […]

Job Function and Seniority

Job Title & Seniority Targeting with LinkedIn Ads

In the online world, LinkedIn acts as a living, breathing résumé. Your profile can have contact information, education, past work experience, current employment, certifications, awards, and even recommendations from former clients and co-workers. This abundance of work information provides a powerful targeting method for advertisers. Here are the 3 main methods for targeting LinkedIn Ads […]

LinkedIn Users Antarctica

LinkedIn Has 3,377 Members In Antarctica

If you’re managing campaigns in LinkedIn, you spend a lot of time in the interface (since they don’t have an offline editor yet, #fingerscrossed). Sometimes I get a little curious when I see certain targeting options. This is one of those times. How many LinkedIn users are in Antarctica? Luckily, advertisers can see this information […]