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LinkedIn Ad Management

The LinkedIn ad management interface is hard to use. There, I said it. Out loud, in a blog post. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you a few tips on managing your ads. Tips for Managing LinkedIn Ads During the campaign creation process you wrote at least one ad, […]

Another Nice Interface Change

The LinkedIn advertising interface has been undergoing some serious changes in the last couple months, but I noticed another new addition today. For each ad, the little slider indicating whether the ad is active or not, the slider is green for active ads. Behold: This makes it very easy to quickly assess which ads are […]

Personalized LinkedIn Ads?

A couple weeks ago I noticed a tweet from Bethany Bey asking “Anyone know how Google did this on LinkedIn?” She included a screenshot of the ad: My first reaction was “Cool!” but let’s break down exactly what we have here: Grabbed her LinkedIn profile pic (you can see it is different from her Twitter […]