How To Create Customer Personas for LinkedIn PPC

zeus-maskTo effectively advertise on LinkedIn you need to know who you’re trying to reach. So before you create a single campaign, you need to develop customer personas.

What Is A Persona

The word persona has Latin roots, where it originally referred to a mask worn by actors. In a marketing context a persona usually refers to a hypothetical individual with the aggregate characteristics of a homogenous group. Sound complicated? Let’s look at an example:

My dad sells grass-fed beef. He’s got lots of customers, but we see similar trends across customers. Therefore he has developed a couple personas that look like this:

Homeschooling Harriet

  • Married
  • Has 3-4 children that still live at home
  • Very concerned about health of her children
  • Reads websites & magazine articles about food system
  • More price conscious

Wealth Wanda

  • Married
  • Children are in high school or moved out
  • Concerned about personal health & quality of life
  • Not price conscious

These two groups have different motivation and need to receive marketing messages that are relevant to their situation and their needs. The same information helps you know how to target your LinkedIn campaigns.

Questions To Help Discover Your Personas

Here is an example survey I sent to a recent client as we kicked off their LinkedIn campaigns:

  • What are the top 3 countries you would like to target?
  • Inside the US, what are the top 3 states or metro areas you would like to target?
  • What industries do your best clients come from?
  • What industries would you like to target more effectively?
  • How many employees work at the company of your ideal customer?
  • Are there specific companies you would like to target to acquire as customers? If yes, please list them.
  • What job titles do your customers have?
  • What level of seniority in the company would you like your advertising to reach?
  • Which job functions are most likely to be searching for your solution?
  • Are graduates of certain colleges/schools more likely to become customers? If yes, please list them.
  • What skills would your ideal customer have been endorsed for on LinkedIn?
  • What groups would your ideal customer have joined on LinkedIn?
  • Would you like to target by gender? If yes, how would you message differently?
  • Which age brackets would you like to target?

Notice how each question informs a targeting option inside LinkedIn, from industry to job title.


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