LinkedIn Ad Management

The LinkedIn ad management interface is hard to use.

There, I said it. Out loud, in a blog post.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you a few tips on managing your ads.

Tips for Managing LinkedIn Ads

During the campaign creation process you wrote at least one ad, chose your targeting & set a budget for your cost/click (CPC) and daily spend. Now you’ve got to start managing performance.

First, you should go into your campaign and look at the General settings. They should look like this (you may need to click the “View Details” link just below the campaign name) :

LinkedIn Campaign Settings

There you’ll see a the campaign name and a couple other settings. I want to draw your attention to the one labeled “Rotate ad variations”. If you click the “Edit” link next to this you have two choices available, as seen below:

LinkedIn Ad Rotation Settings

  1. Optimize click-through rate – better performing variations appear more often
  2. Rotate variations evenly

The most important phrase here is “better performing”. This is strictly based on click-through-rate (CTR) and so new campaigns default to the first option. You should note that higher CTR means more revenue for LinkedIn, so it makes perfect sense why this is the default.

However, if you’re trying to test your ads (image, headline, or text) you would be better served by choosing the second option so that the test isn’t biased by a few early clicks on one ad variation or the other.

Changing this one setting will greatly help you run more valid tests with your LinkedIn PPC campaigns.



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