LinkedIn Ads Conversion Tracking Is Here!

We’ve been asking for conversion tracking for a long time, but LinkedIn finally delivered. Without further adieu, here is a step by step walk through on how you set it up.

Where To Find LinkedIn Ads Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking lives in the Campaign Manager of LinkedIn’s advertising platform. If you’re on your LinkedIn profile you’ll want to click your face in the upper right and on the drop-down you should see a section titled “Advertising” if you’ve got an account. Click the Manage link to get to your Campaign Manager.
Once inside Campaign Manager you’ll notice right up at the very top is a link for Conversion Tracking. Click that and you’re on your way.
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

Setting Up Conversion Tracking

You should have been greeted with this happy little popup on your screen:
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Popup
Since our only option here is “Get started” you’ll click there and be taken to the shiny, new conversion tracking page, which looks like this:
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Domain
Again, you only have one option here, which is to put the root-level domain that you want to track into the box and click Continue. However, to their credit, LinkedIn has done a good job of including a video along with a simple 3-step explanation of what you’re doing. Very smart to set expectations.

Getting The LinkedIn Ads Code Snippet

On the next page you’ll see your code snippet. It’s a simple Javascript script that needs to fire on all pages of your site (similar to Facebook, Twitter, BingAds, Yahoo Gemini, etc.) You’ve also got the handy ability to quickly email the code to the email associated with your LinkedIn account. Mine’s obviously my Gmail account.
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Code Snippet

Define Your Conversion

On the last screen you will define your conversion. Since the code is firing on all pages, you basically will tell LinkedIn which page represents a conversion (most likely a thank you page) and give that conversion a name, type and value.
LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Definition
The only complaint I have with this is the URL field. Your only options are “Starts with” and “Exact”. The ideal for me would be “Contains”, but you take what they give you. Make sure to include the root-level domain in there or this won’t validate.

That’s it, you should be all set up for LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking now. And if I’m right, this should open up the possibility of doing remarketing on LinkedIn in the future.