LinkedIn Targeting Suggestion

I’ve been researching the targeting available in LinkedIn and I have also been auditing the LinkedIn efforts of a multimillion dollar company. There were a couple trends that started standing out to me:

LinkedIn Profiles Are Not Created Equal

  • Junk Profiles – I know that LinkedIn is bragging about their 200 million users, but there is a decent portion of profiles that are as abandoned as any ghost town. For example, the ad interface starts with 200 million. But men only shows 104 million while women only shows 78 million. That’s only 182 million and I doubt there are 18 million non-gendered people on LinkedIn. This shows that nearly 10% of profiles are so incomplete they don’t even have a gender.
  • International Profiles – For many of my clients, a lead from certain parts of the world just isn’t helpful (looking at you India, southeastern Asia and Romania). Luckily geographic targeting easily solves this.

While junk profiles mainly inflate audience sizes and international profiles can be avoided, many would ask why I even continued thinking about this. But I have an overactive mind, so I did keep thinking about it. Then it hit me.

Target by Profile Completeness

I’m sure you remember seeing this type of reminder when you first started filling out your LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Profile Completeness

That was powerful motivation for me and I did all the little things they suggested so that I would be 100% complete. They’ve changed things a little now and this is what they’re currently showing to newer LinkedIn profiles:

LinkedIn Profile Suggestions

So why couldn’t LinkedIn offer the ability to target based on how complete a user’s profile is? This would have several benefits:

  • Reach “mature” profiles – this would be an indirect way to ensure you’re reaching people who have invested more into their online presence. Who could use it? Corporate recruiters, any B2B offering that needs to reach high-level decision makers, etc.
  • Reach “young” profiles – if you’re trying to reach people who are new to LinkedIn and have a less developed online presence this could be gold. Who could use it? Dan Schawbel, Banana Republic (sell business appropriate clothing to recent college grads?), career coaches, etc.

How could you see this helping your targeting?


2 Responses to “LinkedIn Targeting Suggestion”

  1. AJ Wilcox March 1, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    As long as we’re giving LI some suggestions, how’s this:

    1. Conversion tracking – seriously behind every other network I’ve ever used.
    2. Impression share – Running many campaigns, and you only get notified of 2 per week that are capping out their budget through their Monday Ad Optimization email.
    3. Account transition – Have you ever had to transition a personal account to a business account and allow more users? The process is ridiculous, and you lose all historical value/quality score.
    4. Ad Sorting – large accounts are really hairy since you just have to scroll through campaigns. Would be a lot faster to navigate with advanced sorting (by ad, job function, title, etc). Or heck, even smoother navigation of just the campaign view.
    5. Bulk editor – C’mon, even Bing’s got one.
    6. Campaign grouping – LI goes straight from campaign to Ad, with no grouping like an adgroup. To keep similar campaigns together, you have to name them similarly. So lame. Would love to be able to group by department, job function, company size, title, etc.

    • Robert Brady March 1, 2013 at 6:38 pm #

      Great suggestions and you’ll be seeing future posts about some of these (especially conversion tracking and their interface).