LinkedIn Targeting Wishlist – College Major Targeting

LinkedIn offers some very cool targeting. I like the ability to target by skill, industry, and job function, especially when you layer those with age, gender, or geographic targeting. I also work on quite a few campaigns in the education space and I’ve notice a glaring hole in the LinkedIn targeting: targeting by major.

Targeting by Major

I know that many of the aforementioned targeting options, such as job function, job title, or skills, could be viewed as a similar indicator. In some situations it could be a better predictor because it shows what people are currently doing instead of what they thought they were going to do. However, I think that college major shows a lot about someone. It shows what that person was passionate about when they were young. It shows what they were willing to commit 4-5 years of their life to studying. I want to be able to reach out to people where their passion is.

Now let’s get real. First, LinkedIn already has this data. They’re constantly bugging you for it and even after you give it to them they ask you to confirm that it’s correct. So the problem isn’t that it isn’t available. Second, Facebook already offers this. FACEBOOK! Here is the Facebook interface:

Facebook Education Targeting Options

So here is my request LinkedIn: Please make education targeting more advanced by letting me target based on major or area of study.

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