Personalized LinkedIn Ads?

A couple weeks ago I noticed a tweet from Bethany Bey asking “Anyone know how Google did this on LinkedIn?” She included a screenshot of the ad:

Personalized LinkedIn Ad

My first reaction was “Cool!” but let’s break down exactly what we have here:

  • Grabbed her LinkedIn profile pic (you can see it is different from her Twitter handle) – Sure, it’s on her public profile, but this is quite the feat. I even did a quick Google image search to see where else they might have found it. I don’t see the image anywhere else, so they scraped it or LinkedIn gave it to them.
  • Added her name – Seems like this comes from LinkedIn too. There may be a way to make this “non-identifiable” but this gets pretty close to the line in my opinion.
  • View Jobs button – This makes sense and if it goes to jobs that match her qualifications then it’s awesome.
  • Follow Company link – This is just LinkedIn doing a little promo for their network since not many people are following companies, but it’s a nice micro-conversions if you can get it.

I did a little research and it appears LinkedIn announced this feature in June of 2011. Their example images are slightly different:

LinkedIn Recruitment Ad

But similar enough that over 2 years I could see how they arrived here. The post further states that “The personalized LinkedIn Ads will start rolling out today to a small set of members as part of a limited release.”

So who out there has tried these before? Is it available globally to all advertisers?