Where Do Ads Show?

LinkedIn has 5 different pages where ads may be shown:

  • Profile Page
  • Home Page
  • Inbox
  • Search Results Page
  • Groups

Let’s look at the Profile Page specifically and where these ads can appear. First, let’s look at the top of the Profile Page:


In Position 1 you’ll notice that the ad shows just below the navigation and above the main content area. It is a single line of copy with the 25-character headline first and the 75-character description following with a dash in between. The ad appears underlined, in blue, thus making it very attractive to get the click.

In Position 2 you’ll notice the more conventional LinkedIn ad format with the 50×50 image, headline, description and “Learn More >>” link. In this screenshot there are two ads stacked one on top of the other.

Second, let’s look at the very bottom of the profile page:


In Position 3 you’ll see the conventional LinkedIn ad format, but you’ll notice that we now have 3 ads stacked one on another, but they are much closer together and no longer have the “Learn More>>” link that we saw in Position 2.

In Position 4 we see a pair of ads side by side, but this time the heading is bolded and underlined, making the headline more attractive to click on. Frankly, they look a lot like an AdWords ad with a picture. But remember that with both Positions 3 & 4 it is likely the user won’t scroll down far enough to actually see these ad placements.